Apple Leather Collar in Festive Red

Sale price€39,00 EUR
Size: XS
Scotland Collar Size Guide
XS 22-28cm 2.0cm
S 29-35cm 2.0cm
M 36-41cm 2.5cm
L 42-47cm 3.0cm
XL 48-54cm 3.0cm

This unique, sustainable collar is made from from Apple (vegan) Leather, complemented with premium gold-finished accessories. The bright red colour is bound make your best friend stand out from the crowd. Our red collars are the perfect gift for a festive holiday.

Our apple leather collars are 100% eco-friendly and renewable as they are made from apple skins discarded from the food industry. Apple leather is also known to have exceptional strength and is hypoallergenic. 

Our design and the materials used in this collar are truly an industry first. Limited quantities are made in each colour so be sure to give your best friend an elegant, handmade collar to celebrate their beauty that doesn't hurt the planet. 

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