Our products start their journey in our design studio in Berlin. From ideas to concepts to prototypes the vision for our products evolves. 

Our prototypes are tested in studio and often shipped, assessed and tested rigorously by friends in locations around the world like Cape Town. 

Product Testing
Joy assessments


We have picked our manufacturing partners and suppliers with great care. We are very proud of the products we create with the help of our highly skilled partners from around the world. 

Our 100% Alpaca and Baby Alpaca Blankets are made from the highest quality alpaca wool and handwoven in Peru. All of our products from Peru come with a certificate of authenticity from the Peruvian government. 
Alpaca Wool

We are driven to create a 100% sustainable product line. We have partnered with German master artisans and craftsmen who work with sustainable materials such as apple leather and e-leather among other sustainable materials. 

Vegan Leather Goods
Hand-crafted Leather Goods
All Natural Cosmetics

Our team in Turkey understand the beauty of hand-crafted leather goods and sustainably-sourced rich textiles. Their high-quality and consistent craftsmanship allows us to uphold our brand promise.

High-quality textiles  

We have spent countless hours finding the people in Southern China who share our values of kindness, planet consciousness and quality. Our partners work closely with us to craft one-of-a-kind designs, patterns and products.

 High-quality textiles and production