30 Day Quilt Giveaway

This September we will be giving away a quilt a day from our luxury range

Enter your details below for a chance to be one of the lucky winners!


*Last winner will be notified on 1st October 2023. Winners will be notified daily via email (keep an eye on your inbox).

Recent Lucky Winners 

*Participants please check your inboxes!

1st September Milo the dog
2nd September Summer the dog
3rd September Toffee the dog
4th September Ludwig the dog
5th September Watson and Fiete both dogs
6th September Nacho the cat
7th September Lina, Peanut, Kaya and Banja, dogs and cats
8th September Rosie the dog
9th September Loki the dog
10th September Myla the dog
11th September Digby the dog
12th September Yuki the dog
13th September George the dog
14th September Rex the dog
15th September Loki the dog 
16th September Benni, Billy und Bonnie a family of dogs and cats
17th September Scooby the dog
18th September Emma the dog
19th September Yara the dog
20th September Theo the cat
21st September Rocky and Loui two cats
22nd September Baxter the dog
23rd September Kalle the dog
24th September Djazzy the dog
25th September Lucie the dog
26th September Odin, Max and Nero a family of dogs and cats
27th September Jeanne the dog
28th September Stella the dog
29th September Amy the dog
30th September Clemens the dog
30th September Oskar the dog